Is Online Dating The Answer?

I was about eighteen when I first heard of Tinder. At a work night out, one of the older girls showed us this new app where you could match with men/women in your area, that were Facebook friends’ of friends. I didn’t view it as online dating. At that time, I viewed online dating for middle aged divorce’s or those who really were desperate for love that they didn’t have the patience to let it happen organically. Too naive and fresh-faced, and in the words of Rachel Green, I just assumed everyone would get that chance where you’d meet someone, fall in love and that would be it. I thought online dating was unnecessary.

Fast forward to 2015 onwards, online dating, in particular Tinder has taken off, and now has more than 340 million downloads. It’s become a common conversation, a giggle with your girlfriends, an easy hook-up, a success story for some but for a high number of singles under 30, the app sits neatly beside Instagram on their Home Screen. Online dating has intensified in the last twelve months when we were all told to stay at home, and singles everywhere were left scratching their heads while couples on Instagram baked banana bread and did wall panelling together.

My experience with Tinder is very lemon and herb. I’ve got a few hundred matches but have properly spoken to only a handful of people and they have ended in me ghosting, or guys getting fed up because I don’t want to meet and ghosting me. Why do I not want to meet them? Firstly, have you seen You? I still have the mind-set that I’ll end up in a glass box and/or dead if I meet up with someone I’ve met online. Secondly, I’m still of the hope that I’ll meet someone organically, in person and probably subconsciously stigmatise against the idea of explaining ‘oh we met on Tinder.’ That being said. I’ve been single for a while and other than a boomerang ex, there’s not been anyone for a while, which gets me thinking – if not Tinder, where?

Work = too complicated.
Through a friend = I mean how viable is that, really? My friends barely have male friends never mind single ones.
Club = How can you hear anything over the music, plus I’m normally too busy having a good time.
Bars = Everyone is focused on their own friends (myself included).
Out and about = Taylor Swift had my heart from the second she said she still hoped she’d meet someone in Starbucks. Ironically, on the two occasions someone has spoken to me at Starbucks, my shoes became real interesting.

Now you’re probably thinking, you don’t seem to be prioritising love here, to which you would be correct. It’s not a priority for me right now, and maybe that’s why I’ve never given Tinder a fair trial but the romantic in me (she’s buried way deep, but she’s there) wants to be swept, not swiped. While I’m not necessarily looking for a partner, in the last year I’ve opened myself up to the idea of it and maybe going into the above situations with a different mindset would’ve been enough, thanks to Covid we’ll never know.

Now some people love online dating, they’ll get all dressed up to sit at their kitchen table on video to someone, or talk to someone for a few hours before arranging to meet up. I’ve heard of people getting married, having kids, moving in together all from an app and I don’t know why I’m so weird about it. Props to the people who persevere on these apps because you do need to weed through the masses to find someone worth talking to. Someone once told me they wanted to put my head on a wall (not sure if it was a sexual thing, or a serial killer thing?!) and the amount of times I’ve been asked if ‘I’m recruiting for a big spoon’ (HR dad joke, come on!).

Plus, dating apps allow us to be a lot more judgemental, and to take people on face value. The slightest things have made me unmatched, swipe left or ghost (I’m a terrible person, I’m aware) which then makes me think, is it enabling me to be too picky?

I just don’t think it’s for me but I’m starting to worry wonder if that’s the most viable option when I get to the point I am looking, or does it still happen organically outwit education or the workplace?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I expect boys to do the ‘wooing’ but actually, they’re just as shy as girls, and in my experience, the confident ones want someone to take home for the night, not to their parents. Which begs the question, are we Millennials/ Gen Z’ers too socially shy? That the phones attached to our hands allow us to have the social skills of a tea spoon when it comes to meeting new people, so much so that online dating is now our preferred method of meeting a partner?

The other conclusion I’ve come to is that looks aren’t enough. Now while, despite what f**k boy Twitter would lead to you to believe, looks aren’t quite as important as we think in the sense that seeing someone you like isn’t enough to approach a stranger. I don’t know anyone who has been approached by a stranger, just because they were good looking.

So, where I’m going with this, are there lots of singles wandering about their daily life, too shy to flirt irl so rely on dating apps, or are dating apps just magnified because of the weird world we’ve been living in for the last twelve months and actually, I’ve just been blind to what was going on around me?

I would love to know your thoughts on this, whether you’re in my position or not. If you’ve been swept off your feet in Starbucks or have found love from a dating app before. If so, please share your success story! Tinder fails are also welcome, please share the weird and wonderful if for nothing else other than a giggle.

15 thoughts on “Is Online Dating The Answer?

  1. This was such an interesting read! I met my girlfriend through tinder and I don’t know if maybe we were just lucky or what but we clicked instantly! For me, tinder was a godsend because I realised I was gay during a pandemic so couldn’t really go out to gay bars etc to meet people. There was a lot of people who just never reply though or refuse to message first, but I was lucky enough to match someone with similar energy to me!

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  2. This is an interesting post! Tinder is a great app and I did meet my ex on there but I don’t think I’ll be jumping on it soon, I really want to meet someone organically when I least expect it – I live in fairytale land soon haha x

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  3. I live in rural USA and Tinder isn’t great unless you set your miles far away. And then in the past, guys have bitched that it’s too far. Or constant “flash me” requests pre COVID/zoom dating- I am a but weary to try it again.

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  4. I feel you on so many levels here. Between the likes of You and Catfish the internet horror stories are enough to scare anyone off. I’d prefer to meet someone in the real world too but seriously question how viable that is these days x

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  5. I live near New York City so for better or worse there’s a lot of variety here. It means that the attention span of both men and women can be pretty short. I have better luck when I swipe in New Jersey but I find myself hesitating and not following through with meeting people. It feels like such WORK to find someone, vet someone, and deal with the stress of a first date. And now I’m soooo comfortable at home.

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  6. Oh, I relate to this so hard! I’m such a romantic and I just want to meet the love of my life while I’m crying on a park bench and he comes over and gives me a coffee and we talk about life but I know that’s very unlikely to ever happen! I’m also a little scared of online dating because I’m so scared I’ll see someone I know on it and it’ll make it awkward but sometimes I feel like I should just get over that and take the leap!

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  7. I liked online dating (never used Tinder specifically) because it was fairly easy to screen out the lunatics early on – people are much better at hiding their crazy for a minute in person. That said, you have to decide what’s a dealbreaker for you and only swipe…left? right?…swipe them away if they have dealbreakers in the profile. Just because someone hates your favorite food, while tempting to ditch them, is not actually a good reason to not even give them a chance.

    You’re right that looks aren’t enough (although people absolutely approach others solely based on looks) but you should try making the first move, even if it’s just to talk to cute person at the coffee shop. From there you can find out if you actually have anything in common. Don’t wait to be swept, it’s not likely to happen.

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  8. I genuinely think that dating apps can be amazing for some people, I wouldn’t want to date anyone I knew from work or through friends etc. If I was single it would be the option I would take x


  9. This is such an interesting posts to read, I’ve never tried online dating but I could imagine it’s such a minefield of who knows what! I don’t know if your work does socials with other people in your industry (like I work in the arts and we have loads of arts style socials) because that’s how I met my current partner! Then they like understand your work, but you don’t have to awkwardly sit next to each other in the office!

    Katie |


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