What I’ve Been Watching on Netflix | February 21

Since the country has been grounded for the third time, ‘what have you been watching?’ seems to come up in conversation with the limited human interaction we are allowed. Whether you’re bored, need to unwind or just escape for a while, it’s hard to imagine a world when Netflix wasn’t a thing. Last month I posted what I watched in January and in February, I watched some real gems.

I Am Woman

This film tells the story of Helen Reddy, an Australian born singer who moved to America to make it in the music industry but struggled in the misogynistic world until she wrote the unofficial anthem for the women’s movement and inspired females everywhere. While you might not know the name, you will know I Am Woman – even if it’s from Sex and the City 2. It’s a great Sunday afternoon film with some excellent music in it. Thoroughly enjoyed.


Five seasons of pure gold. A light hearted sit-com starring America Fererra and Ben Feldman, is centred around superstore, Cloud 9. The characters are real and diverse, the comedy is genius and there’s some heart warming (and wrenching) storylines which makes the show one of my favourites in a while. At twenty five(ish) minutes an episode, it’s an easy watch but I have become obsessed with it. The storylines are fulfilling, it tackles real issues but with comedy littered throughout. Cannot recommend this enough.


A four part British drama about a university lecturer, Leah, who accuses a student, Rose, of cheating in her dissertation. Rose’s less than pleased reaction when she fails triggers a chain of events when things get out of hand really quickly. A psychological thriller which has bits that have you on the edge of your seat but without being too intense to enjoy. Overall, I liked it. The story lines are a bit predictable, I generally find these things are. The characters were really well played and there was a good element of tension. I think it was a perfect length for this type of show and it had a really good ending.


I loved Suits whilst I was at university but I stopped watching after season 7 when I gave up my Netflix temporarily and never got round to finishing it. I had been recommended that I start watching again and I’m so glad I did. I fell back into this like riding a bike. The series changes after season 7 but it looses none of its charm. I would highly recommend this if you’ve not watched, it’s charming, exciting and intense with some of the best characters in television. It also has an incredibly satisfying ending, one of the most satisfying endings to a TV series ever. I loved it that much, I’m most likely going to re-watch from series one.


When I told people I was watching this, I was met with a marmite reaction. I knew from ten minutes into the first episode, it was going to be too gory for me. It’s brutal and incredibly close to the bone- not for the faint hearted. I struggled through the majority of this and didn’t find myself focused on it until the last two episodes, which is when I became interested. If the gore isn’t too much for you, you’ll probably love it but if you’re not a fan of gore, you probably wouldn’t like it.

I would love to know if you’ve watched any of the above shows, what did you think? Equally, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments. Bridgerton and The Good Place are on my list for March.

11 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching on Netflix | February 21

  1. Oooh these are some great recommendations as I haven’t heard about a lot of them. I like the sound of Cheat so I’m going to add that to my watchlist – thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  2. I gotta admit, I wasn’t crazy about Ratched. I thought I’d enjoy it more, considering Sarah Paulson is in it. Which was a shame! I’ve been watching Virgin River. Totally not my usual sort of thing but I’m loving it x

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  3. Yess!! Superstore is such a great sitcom. Loved watching this on Netflix. Super lighthearted and wholesome. I never got into Suits but my husband did and he loved it. I’m currently watching Virgin River which I’m sort of enjoying, I’m not sure yet haha Thanks for sharing xx



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