Brand Spotlight – Hourglass | March 21

Hourglass is known for its luxury yet does everything it claims to, products, particularly its face products as it aims to mix beauty with science. The holy trinity which gives the ultimate glow, in every light, that still looks natural. The brand has become one of my favourites in recent years and has introduced me to some of my most loved products.

Ambient Lighting Powder

Probably the most famous Hourglass product, the ambient lighting powder which will set you back £45 and is the most loved item in my make-up bag. No word of a lie, from sitting at the counter in Liberty, this product changed my life. Coming in 6 shades, this buttery, illuminating powder is like walking around with a filter on. It just makes you look better. You can wear this on it’s own or over your make-up, it soften, conceals, and gives you a healthy, soft glow that works in every light. It comes in six different shades, I’m pretty fair and I wear Dim Light. I won’t let this product run out with re-purchasing, I love it. If you’re going to buy one, let it be this one.

Ambient Lighting Bronzer

This is the dreamiest bronzer which has many of the properties of the ambient lighting powder, but with a multi-tonal, sun kissed glow. In two minutes, you look like you’ve had a week in the sun. It’s so natural looking when the light hits your face. I’m pretty fair, and I purchased this in Diffused Bronze Light (light/medium) and it’s a great colour for me. At £49, it is pricey but it lasts really well and you don’t use a lot of product. The packing is pretty sturdy and touch wood, I’ve never dropped it but I think it would fare pretty well.

Ambient Lighting Blusher

The third, and final product in creating the ultimate glow. I use this in Incandescent Electra which is a cool peachy colour which still has a light pink glow. I haven’t loved a blush as much since Tanya Burr’s Peonies Please and I’m so happy I discovered this. Like the above products, it has a blurring effect which smooths your skin. This is buildable and has creates a natural looking, multi-dimensional look with the littlest effort. The full size would set you back £38 but my tip would be to buy the travel size, it’s £24 and you get so much product- it lasts for ages.

Arch Brow Shaping Gel

My holy grail brow gel is a Charlotte Tilbury one so I wasn’t sure how much I would like this because I’m used to a very fine wand, where as this is much thicker. The wand has multiple lengths so with a bit of practice, you can get all the fine hairs and use the longer bristles to add volume into the thicker parts of your eyebrows. I don’t use this as an everyday brow gel, but I do like it when I’m going out. It certainly gives volume and it stays in place all day.

Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

This is the only product that I’m not crazy, in love with… and it might be me. Firstly, to disclaim, I have incredibly long, dark eyelashes (by far my best feature) so I don’t need, or ask for much in a mascara. I’m a fan of a No.7 brown mascara that separates my lashes, keeps them out of my eyes and is easy to come off. This nourishes your lashes and it subsequently has a somewhat waxy texture and it’s not the easiest to come off. I do like the look but I feel like you could create the same look with a high street product. It does have rave reviews, so it could possibly just be me.

My Hourglass Wish List

The products next on my list to try is the Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray, the Femme Nude Lip Stylo, the Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint and the Veil Powder Brush. As a brand, it’s pricey so trying new products is a bit of a treat but I normally hold off until there’s 20% off or Space.NK sometimes do £10 off a £40/50 pound spend, then I go in.

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of the products, or are going to try any based on my recommendations. Equally, if you’d recommend any products or brands as a spotlight feature, please let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight – Hourglass | March 21

  1. The only Hourglass product I’ve ever tried was their blush and I loved it! I’m sure I would enjoy using the others you suggested. Catch me getting that powder as soon as possible. It sounds beyond phenomenal!


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