My April Goals | April 21

This year, I’ve found it helpful to set myself goals at the start of each month to keep myself on track rather than big resolutions. I find it easier to break things into chunks, with shorter periods. The weather is getting warmer, things are looking up but the turn of 2020 into 2021 feels like a long time ago and this is normally my danger zone to fall out of touch with my resolutions, so I thought I’d share them.

  1. Clear out my iCloud keychain

    Probably not what you expected the first one to be, but I have so much rubbish on their that, what should be useful is a hinderance and I end up frustrated. I could avoid that if I took an hour and sorted it out.
  2. Change my car

    This should be an exciting one, because getting a new car is a big thing. The car I’m changing is my first one so I’m a bit nervous about the whole changing process, plus I hate all the sales chat when car shopping, on top of the whole Covid mask wearing, do you shake their hand or not?! It’s causing me minor anxiety. I need to just bite the bullet.
  3. Reach 160 WordPress followers

    My goal for March was to reach 100 followers and I exceeded that so I’m trying to push for 160. If you’re not already following my blog, and you enjoy the content then please do follow via email or WordPress, it really does make a big difference.
  4. Finish the first draft of 2 chapters of my novel

    I don’t know how this keeps slipping away from me, but it does. I find it easier to write storylines, then add them into chapters and fill in the gaps around them. I did barely any writing last month so I need to get back on it.
  5. Schedule my tweets for the week

    I find this is a better strategy for me than tweeting links a few times a day. I like to do this on a Monday and I notice my blog views dip if I don’t do it, so I want to be a bit more consistent.
  6. Improve on my March views

    As long as the number is going up, I’m happy and it is so encouraging to see my stats go up. I’m not putting a figure on it, as long as it’s at least one higher than March then I’ll consider this goal reached.
  7. Get into a routine of planning my content

    I’ve just started using Trello to plan my blog content and actually, I really like it. I want to get to a point where I don’t feel like I’m on a deadline to get a post out, but actually am always ahead of the game with my content.
  8. No Dairy after Easter

    I decided to give a dairy free diet a try to see if it improves my health. Throughout March, I tried to cut out as much dairy as possible but had ‘cheat’ days for Mother’s Day, and Easter weekend. From the 5th April, I’m not eating at all to give it a fair chance and see if I notice an improvement.
  9. Have at least 2 treat-free days per week

    I always notice my diet slipping between Christmas to Easter and I personally feel much better when my diet is good. I need to start getting it back on track on this month and I think the majority is habit. By limiting my treat allowance, I’ll be more conscious and hopefully start to break the habit this month.
  10. Post twice per week on The Gem Word

    This is my fourth month of blogging and I’m generally posting twice a week but there’s always a fall somewhere in the month where I don’t make it. This month I’m going to push to post consistently, twice per week.

That will more than keep my busy this month. What are you goals for April?

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13 thoughts on “My April Goals | April 21

  1. I’m with you on needing to get my diet back on track… I’ve had way too many cheat days recently, and I always feel so much better when I’m eating well!

    Katie |


  2. These are all great goals! I really need to avoid dairy too as it’s messing up my health and skin too and write more! I am working on the draft to my novel and last month had barely looked at it, finger crossed for a great month ahead x


  3. I like the idea of just improving on last months views, rather than putting a number on it.

    I’ve never even thought of cleaning my keychain before, but it’s definitely something I want to do now.

    I’ve not heard of Trello before so I’m going to have to check it out. I’m so unorganised!

    Good luck with you goals!


  4. Some great goals, I know you’ll be able to smash loads of these. I schedule my tweets ahead of time and while it does feel sooo long, it leaves me with so much more time to do other bits!



  5. Great goals! I’ve been trying to schedule tweets too – it can be time-consuming but it’s worth it when you’re busy in the week. I hope you achieve all your goals 🙂 x


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