Dairy Free – Pure Heavenly Chocolate Review

When I decided to cut dairy from my diet, I had a fair few moments of panic realising I would be saying goodbye to some of my favourite foods – cheese, cake, ice cream but most of all, chocolate. A self-confessed addict, a day doesn’t pass that I don’t have at least a nibble of chocolate. I knew I would be saying goodbye to to my dietary staple, or at least in the sense I knew it, and I made it my mission to find a decent dairy free chocolate.

I scoured the supermarket free-from isles, read lots of blog posts about accidentally dairy free treats (hello, Bournville) and searched the internet, which is where I came across Pure Heavenly. The brand interested me as it was aiming to be a healthier alternative to the sweet stuff with only 2% surgar, and around 128 calories per 30g (a standard Dairy Milk is 45g for comparison). The brand is also 100% vegan, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, GMO and Palm Oil free. So you might be wondering, what actually is in it? The chocolate is made from cocoa butter, rice cream and sweeteners.

The variety of flavours available really was what piqued my interest. A variety of flavours including salted caramel, banana, strawberry, coconut, mint and orange in the milk chocolate variety. The dark chocolate collection has flavours including coffee, raspberry, cherry, sea salt and ginger. Bars can be bought in 85g or 3g size, they also do selection box style gift packs if you can’t choose or like a bit of variety.

I ordered the Milk Taster Gift Box which cost £12.50 and you get 8 30g bars in the following flavours: Banana, Orange, Silk, Coconut, Mint, Hazelnut, Strawberry and Salted Caramel). The flavours I was most excited by were banana, salted caramel, orange and silk, as the majority of supermarket free-from chocolates I’d tried had a somewhat grainy texture.

I started with the Silk and I can confirm it is smooth and silky that other free-from chocolate is just not achieving. It’s quite a mild taste and is sweet, without being too sweet. I was most excited about banana and actually, I was a bit disappointed as I wanted that artificial banana milkshake type flavour but it’s a much more natural banana flavour. My favourites were the salted caramel and orange flavours, I really liked the coconut and hazelnut too because they had flakes on the bottom so it was nice to have some texture.

My taste buds are definitely changing and moving on from the sweet, sugary chocolate to looking for deeper, rich flavours so I’m going to try the dark chocolate taster box next. Sour cherry, sea salt, coffee and ginger sound heavenly!

If you’re looking to cut down on your sugar, or have a diet free from dairy, gluten, wheat or soy, and are looking for a sweet fix, then I’d totally recommend giving Pure Heavenly a try.

Please leave a comment below if you’ve ever tried Pure Heavenly, or if there are any other free from chocolate brands you’d recommend.

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