What I’ve Been Watching on Netflix | April 21

My time spent on Netflix hasn’t been quite as much this month because I bought Disney+ after much deliberation, so I’ve been spending a lot of time re-watching old school Disney Channel and thoroughly enjoying. I have ticked a few things off my list and a few things I’m very excited to talk about.

The Bold Type

My favourite. From the moment I read the synopsis, I knew if executed properly then it would be so up my street. The Bold Type follows three twenty something girls working at Scarlet magazine, a women’s magazine in NYC (think Cosmopolitan). The show navigates their career, love lives and is underpinned by the love, respect they have for each other and their friendship. From the clothes, to the events, to the glam, it’s all very sexy and It’s the ultimate ‘I wish this was my life’ show. It brought me so much comfort whilst thoroughly entertaining me. Working for a magazine as a writer is my ultimate dream, so I was living vicariously throughout the four seasons and enjoyed every minute of it.

Operation Varsity Blues The College Admission Scandal

I’d heard about this scandal when it hit the headlines because a few big name actors were involved, and subsequently sentenced to jail time because of it but I didn’t pay too much attention to what had happened. I put this on as background and before I knew it, I couldn’t tear my eyes from it. It was so interesting to see how it actually happened, how it was facilitated and the amount of money people have at their disposal. It was crazy but I’m so glad there was a form of justice served for the crimes committed. If you have a spare few hours, it’s well worth a watch.


A thriller which follows Chloe, a young disabled girl who’s care is solely at the hands of her mother. Things are on track, she’s hopeful to go to college when she uncovers something that makes her question everything. It’s an hour and a half, which is my ideal length for a film. I really enjoyed this, gripping but not too jumpy and it had a few really good twists and turns. I’m not normally into thrillers, but it was trending no.1 and, having read a similar book with a similar plot in the past, I had an idea of how this one would go and I was right. I would recommend it and if you’re not into thrillers, watch it during the day and you’ll be fine.

Tales of the City

A ten-part series based on the novels by Armistead Maupin, the story begins with Mary Ann returning to San Fransico after leaving her daughter, and ex husband behind to pursue a career. The series focuses on the residents of 28 Barbary Lane, which is an apartment building and follows their lives. Think colourful Rent-esk characters but in modern day. Sometimes I was really interested in this, and other’s less so. There was some good storylines but I was a bit bored in places. Glad I watched it to the end, but probably wouldn’t watch another series.

The Crown

I mentioned this in last month’s post but I hadn’t finished it and this month I’ve watched the third and fourth season. I really enjoyed the last two seasons, probably more so than the first two (which I still really liked) because it was familiar storylines. The acting is outstanding, the characterisation is uncanny and it’s incredibly entertaining. I loved it, would absolutely recommend you give it a watch if you’ve not already… but you do need to concentrate, it’s not background watching.

That is my Netflix picks for this month, I can’t believe we’re now at the end of April already! I really hope you enjoyed reading, please let me know if you’ve watched any of the above or are now going to add them to your watch list. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

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